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Employment Physical Exams

Conducting employee physical exams allows you to determine if your employees are physically able to perform their required job duties. AOHS offers a wide array of physical exams to fit your needs.
The first step to a pre-employment exam is a general physical exam, where we check the employee's vital signs and a nurse will write down their medical history. We will conduct a basic hearing and vision test to confirm that the employee can see properly (with or without glasses) and that he/she is not colorblind (if essential in your industry). Usually, wearing glasses or contacts is fine, if their vision meets the required minimum while wearing them.

Some employees might also need to undergo a respiratory evaluation, which checks their lung capacity. This test is important in jobs that are physically demanding or where breathing is restricted – for example, in cases where an employee must wear a mask or a form of breathing apparatus. During this exam, the doctor will also listen to your heart and breathing. If a heart problem is suspected, the doctor might recommend a cardiac stress test, which requires the employee to run on a treadmill at different speeds and inclines for several minutes.

Pre-Placement Medical Exams

Sometimes pre-placement medical examinations are required before the hiring decision to protect the new employee from possible work-related health problems and to protect your company from liability issues. A pre-placement medical exam helps ensure that your new employees can safely do their jobs. AOHS provides the information employers need to select the right candidate, based on the physical demands of the job.

Physical Abilities Tests (PATs)

While a resume and interview provide a look into an employee’s qualifications, they do not evaluate an employee’s ability to perform physically demanding tasks related to the job description. Physical Abilities Tests can help an employer ensure that every employee within an organization has a position that fits their physical abilities. The exam includes grip strength, static push and pull strength, dynamic lifting at specified heights and frequencies, and a carry component.


If you require CDL drivers in your employment, those employees must pass a medical exam conducted by a certified healthcare professional before receiving a card. AOHS is certified to provide those exams.

Standard components of the DOT exams include:

  • Medical history
  • Physical exam
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Urinalysis
  • Physical exam interpretation
  • Renewed every 2 years or more frequently depending on existing medical conditions

Accord Occupational Health

Accord Occupational Health has three offices located in Northeast Ohio, conveniently located halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as well as halfway between New York City and Chicago.

We offer a wide range of testing services for companies in industries as wide ranging as construction, trucking, and manufacturing. Among these testing services are drug and alcohol testing, CDL physicals for Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Carrier Safety Administratin (FMCSA). In addition to these services, we offer workplace physicals, pre-employment testing, Fit respirator testing, and hearing tests.

Accord Occupational Health Services is you partner in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workforce.


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