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Employee Hearing Tests

Early identification of hearing loss by an audiogram or hearing test is a way to prevent further hearing damage. Sometimes, hearing tests in your business are a must to meet legislative requirements, but it also has other benefits to your business such as assessing the effectiveness of the noise exposure management system in place and identifying individuals with hearing limitations, which can lead to serious incidents.

Audiometric testing assesses a person’s ability to hear tones at various frequencies and decibels (loudness). These tests help to discover the effectiveness of the ear protection provided and the degree of hearing loss related to exposure to noise and non-occupational illness.

If you need to implement a hearing loss prevention program, AOHS is the place to be. Our OSHA hearing conservation program guards employee health and keeps your business compliant with government regulations.

AOHS delivers a complete audiometric testing solution supervised by full-time audiologists. We perform OSHA hearing conservation tests to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.

Our OSHA Hearing Conservation Program Process Includes:

  • Audiometric testing
  • Hearing conservation training
  • Validation retests
  • Required counseling
  • Otoscopic screenings
  • Actionable end-of-test-day administrative reports
  • Audiologist review of all “problem audiograms.”
  • Web-based tracking and trending reports
  • Work-relatedness studies

Let AOHS implement a hearing conservation program for your business today.

Accord Occupational Health

Accord Occupational Health has three offices located in Northeast Ohio, conveniently located halfway between Cleveland and Pittsburgh, as well as halfway between New York City and Chicago.

We offer a wide range of testing services for companies in industries as wide ranging as construction, trucking, and manufacturing. Among these testing services are drug and alcohol testing, CDL physicals for Department of Transportation (DOT) and Federal Carrier Safety Administratin (FMCSA). In addition to these services, we offer workplace physicals, pre-employment testing, Fit respirator testing, and hearing tests.

Accord Occupational Health Services is you partner in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy workforce.


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