Drugs Don't Work in the Workplace, Saving Lives Saves Money

Dr. John Dunne

"Accord Occupational Health Services can provide you with much more than physicals and drug tests. Partnering with local, regional, and national professionals representing the needs of employers, we are focused on ensuring the continued employability of the workforce, often a company's second largest expense.

Find out more about our approach to injury care that can: eliminate and reduce lost time and disability, provide drug and alcohol abuse counseling and treatment, assist with saftey programs and training, provide group rating insurance, and supply TPA services."

- Dr. John Dunne, Occupational Medicine

Bill Illes - Business & Operations Manager

Bill comes to AOHS with over 20 years experience in the field of DOT-Compliancy. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Management and dual minors in Transportation and Economics. He has experience in Human Resources, Warehousing, and Operations in a business atmosphere.